GearThose who know me know that I’m a gear junkie, so I could go on and on with this section for days, but rather than bore everyone to tears I’ve instead posted my PCT gear list below for anyone curious.  The list is broken into two main sections—everything carried (minus consumables, i.e. food, water, and fuel, which will fluctuate wildly in various stretches) and everything worn.  In general, this reflects the gear that I’ll be carrying/wearing for most of the trail, with two notable exceptions: the desert and the Sierra Nevada.  Through the Anza-Borrego and Mojave deserts, I’ll need a bit more water capacity for the longer waterless stretches, some of which are 30+ miles, as well as a sun hat and some long hiking pants to cut down the need for slathering my pasty white legs in sunscreen every day.  For the Sierra, I’ll add a few layers and swap out others for warmer versions in addition to picking up a bear canister for the few hundred miles where it’s required.

I can’t say enough about the small cottage industry manufacturers—Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD), Zpacks, et al—that specialize in making very light, very thoughtfully designed pieces of gear that have been stripped down to their very essence and nothing more.  In many cases, I’ve emailed directly with the owners to make various customizations before ordering, something you’d be hard-pressed to do with the big gear companies.  If you’re interested in finding out more about any particular piece, just click on the provided hyperlink or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Category Item Notes Weight (oz)
Packing Backpack MLD Prophet 18.0
  Backpack frame MLD Air Beam + bulb 3.6
Shoulder harness pocket (2) Zpacks (0.5 oz. each) 1.0
Pack liner Trash compactor bag 2.4
Shelter Tarp/tent Zpacks Hexamid Solo + guylines, micro locs 11.5
  Groundsheet Zpacks solo-plus 3.5
Stakes 6 MSR MiniGroundhogs + 2 MSR Groundhogs 3.1
Stake sack Zpacks 0.1
Sleeping Sleeping quilt Feathered Friends Flickr 20 UL Quilt 26.0
Sleeping pad Thermarest NeoAir xLite regular 12.1
Sleeping socks Thin liner socks 0.9
Glove liners Zpacks micro-fleece mittens 1.2
Dry sack Zpacks medium dry sack 0.9
Pillow Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight pillow 2.0
Clothing Carried Insulating jacket Montbell Ex Light Hooded down anorak (medium) 6.1
  Rain jacket OR Helium 2 Jacket 6.1
Wind pants Montbell Dynamo wind pants 2.7
Long underwear top Terramar Thermasilk long sleeve top (medium) 3.2
Wind shirt Montbell Tachyon Anorak wind shirt (large) 2.0
Warm hat Zpacks micro-fleece hat 0.9
Extra hiking socks Darn Tough Light Hiker Quarter socks 2.3
Cook Gear Titanium pot Evernew 0.9L w/lid 3.8
Titanium spoon Sea to Summit Alphalight short 0.3
Alcohol stove Zelph Modified Starlyte 0.4
Fuel bottle Evernew w/squirt top (20 fl. oz.) 0.8
Fuel measurement cup Small plastic cup 0.0
Wind screen Caldera titanium sidewinder cone 1.3
Lighter Mini Bic 0.4
Stuff sack Zpacks cuben fiber 0.2
Essentials Small water bottle Smartwater (24 fl. oz.) 1.1
Large water bottle 2-liter Evernew 1.5
Water treatment Sawyer Squeeze filter 3.2
Water treatment bag 2-liter Evernew 1.5
Small towel Lightload 0.6
Camera iPhone 6 4.4
Camera case Zpacks waterproof zip case 0.2
First aid kit alcohol wipes, tylenol, ibuprofen, bandaids, butterfly closures, immodium, antihistamine, vitamins, Imitrex, ear plugs, blister care in Aloksak 2.2
Repair kit For AirBeam, xLite, and Hexamid 0.8
Bear bag Zpacks roll top blast food bag 1.4
Bear hang kit MLD bearbag system 1.8
Headlamp Zebralight H52w + 2 lithium AA batteries (1 spare) 2.9
Knife Swiss Army Classic 0.7
Small compass Silva Forecaster 610 0.4
Extras Toothbrush Travel size w/case 0.6
Toothpaste Travel size (0.85 fl. oz.) 1.0
Emergency firestarter 2 tabs 0.1
Backup matches Paper book 0.2
Hand sanitizer Travel size (0.5 fl. oz.) 0.8
Lip balm Burt’s Bees 0.3
Sunscreen Neutrogena mini roll-on 1.2
Charging cable Lightning cable w/o plug 0.6
External battery Fluxmob Bolt2 5.8
Credit card, ID, insurance card, cash Credit card, ID, insurance card, cash 0.5
TOTAL base weight (oz) 144.1
TOTAL base weight (lb) 9.0
Clothing & Items Worn Hat Herkimer coffee ball cap 2.4
Trekking poles Black Diamond Ultra Distance Z-poles (120cm length; each wrapped with a few feet of duct tape wrap) 10.4
Shorts Mountain Hardwear canyon shorts 8.0
Longsleeve shirt Ex Officio Minimo long sleeve shirt 4.8
Emergency whistle (built into pack sternum strap) 0.0
Socks Darn Tough Light Hiker Quarter socks 2.3
Sandals Chaco Z/1 with Terreno Sole 37.3
Underwear ExOfficio Give-N-Go 9″ boxer briefs 2.5
Watch Suunto Core altimeter watch 2.3
Sunglasses Native Throttle 1.0
Clothing for the Desert Extra water capacity 2-liter Evernew 1.5
Hat Columbia Coolhead Cachalot cap (wear instead of regular cap) 2.3
Pants Rail Riders Bone Flats pants (wear instead of shorts) 11.5
Clothing for the Sierra Insulating jacket Western Mountaineering Hooded Flash Jacket (swap for Montbell Ex Light anorak) 10.3
Insulating pants Goosefeet Gear down pants (custom; 3oz fill) 5.4
Insulating sleep socks Western Mountaineering Flash down booties 4.0
Insulating socks NRS neoprene sandal socks 3.0
Long underwear bottom Terramar Thermasilk long underwear bottom 3.2
Rain gloves Zpacks cuben fiber rain mitts 1.0
Rain pants GoLite Reed waterproof pants (swap for wind pants) 4.0

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